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Bridging distances with technology

Bridging distances with technology

In an era dominated by technology, distances have become just numbers. This was no less apparent during a Google meet at the Zero Hunger with Langar’s Kajiado County Office. The old library room at Ol Tukai, known for its rustic wooden beams and warm atmosphere, transformed into a hub of technology as the team got together virtually to discuss ongoing progress on the ground at Enkong Narok Primary School.

*Jas Sohal*, based in London, connected virtually with *Kuki Amrit*, who was comfortably seated in the ZHWL Kajiado office. The agenda? A discussion about the implementation details for the Eco Kitchen Concept. For the uninitiated, the Eco Kitchen Concept is a new approach to sustainable cooking and food serving, ensuring safety of our people cooking daily and the well being of the children being served.

The modernity of the digital discussion juxtaposed beautifully against the traditional backdrop of the old library, symbolises the amalgamation of heritage with innovation… and that’s exactly what *Atul Sohal’s* Eco Kitchen symbolises too.

Whilst still very much a work in progress, please see below which is the first draft of *Atul’s* proposal. Considering she created this proposal on the back of a 5 min clip captured on an iPhone from the field and without ever having visited the location, is nothing short of awe inspiring…

As the team work together across continents to all lend a hand in helping *Atul’s* proposal come to life, the meeting was more than just about discussions and plans. It served as a powerful testament to how dedicated, committed individuals can transcend geographical boundaries to bring about change. With just a virtual ‘*Zero degrees of separation*' between them, the team bridged the miles from London to Kajiado seamlessly.

*Zero Hunger with Langar* is not ‘just’ about giving out food to the hungry but also about adapting to the times and leveraging technology to ensure that the noble mission is carried out efficiently and effectively. The recent online Google meet from our Kajiado County office is an example of this ethos, proving that dedication combined with technology can indeed bring about global change.