. A global movement fighting to serve people and communities, so there will be no hunger anywhere. Working to to inspire motivated people to come together and assemble local, diverse, teams to start using their time, energy and resource to begin creating a world free from hunger right from within their own respective countries.

To be in service to those who serve others…

Our aim: To be in service to those who serve others…

With the divine grace of the almighty, on 4th September this year, the *Zero Hunger with Langar family* started serving daily meals at *Amboseli Primary School* in Kajiado county.

Tasked with serving up to 300 children the team on the ground led by *Wycliffe* and *Ken* are ensuring that the operation runs smoothly so that the children can get the nutrition they need to grow and flourish.

As with all our serving projects soon will come the time when we start designing and planning for the *zer0rganic* shamba to be implemented so we stay true to our pledge of always *giving a hand up and not ‘just’ a hand out.*

In the meantime, whilst daily service continues, we remain steadfast on *The Journey to Food & Freedom* and committed to our constant pursuit of ending the scourge hunger, poverty and injustice around the world.