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Meet Collins

Meet Collins Collokawembe

Meet Collins, the resident ZHWL agronomist on the ground in Kenya Collins is tasked with developing and implementing our zer0rganic shamba’s (small scale organic farms) at each of our serving locations so that we can stay true to our core sustainability goal of giving a hand up and not ‘just’ a hand out.

He is an expert in small scale farming, soil health, organic practices and has first hand practical knowledge, skills and experience of innovative food growing systems like vertical farming. Part of his remit is to provide training and support to local communities on how to improve food security in their local areas.

Soil samples have been taken and initial site surveys have been carried out at Enkong Narok, RISA, Amboseli and Mashanani primary schools in Kajiado county and we are just waiting on the results from the soil testing lab at CropNuts (East Africa’s leading agricultural testing laboratory and agronomy advisory company).

We are expecting results to come in later this month after which Collins will devise the gr0w plan for each school. This will include what fruits, vegetables or grain is best suited to cultivate given the soil conditions at each respective location.

From January, Collins will then be putting his plan into action by first carrying out ground clearance, ground prep, installing drip irrigation systems and shade netting at the first site: Enkong Narok Primary school where we currently serve circa 300 children a meal daily. After the initial works have been done, planting shall begin.

Our aim is to, one day, supplement the ZHWL food we supply and serve with food grown locally on the zer0rganic shamba at each of the schools. Thus reducing food miles with a net positive impact on the environment whilst instilling self reliance and dignity within the community in which we serve.

We welcome Collins to the family as he represents a big leap forward on our collective journey to Food and Freedom.

As always, we’ll document the journey and can’t wait to share it with the whole ZHWL family…